What I do and how I can help you.

As a technical editor, I create and refine repair manuals, guides and other documentation.
My background as a media designer, the studies for my bachelor of engineering and the experience as a technical writer ensure that my photos and text are accurate, clear and user-friendly.

You make and sell amazing products that your customers use and love?
Then at some point the product will most likely need maintenance or require a repair.

I guess you already get the point:
By taking advantage of my services you can ensure that your customers have everything they need to maintain and repair your product to utilise its fullest potential and be back on track in no time.


Show and tell …

The following examples show a single step of the respective guide. The instructions are aimed at laypersons and explain all the necessary steps for maintenance or repair. My experience ranges from media player for children, game controllers, smartwatches to electronic musical instruments, headphones, smartphones, and tablets.

Samsung Galaxy Watch

Guide step showing the removal of the core unit for replacing the battery.

Teenage Engineering OP–1

Procedure on how to pry out the key mechanisms to remove the keyboard.

Apple iPhone 14

Indication of different screw types and lengths in the speaker guide.


Removal of the main unit to access the internal components.

All things repair.

Technical documentation helps customers understand how to effectively use, repair or maintain their equipment. High-quality images and videos, as well as clear and concise text, reduce confusion and frustration, resulting in a better user experience.

Maintenance information, repair guides and troubleshooting help users diagnose and resolve common problems. Structured information about best practices allow users to quickly return to productivity. This can reduce the need for customer support and increase user satisfaction.

Repair and maintenance play an important role in sustainability by extending the life of products, reducing waste, conserving resources and minimising environmental impact. It also has a significant impact on customer loyalty by building trust and reputation, increasing perceived value and fostering an emotional connection between customers and their products and therefore the brand.

Beyond repair …

As a repairability expert, I can also help you assess the components, design and construction of your products at different stages of development to improve how easily and effectively they can be repaired or serviced. This plays a crucial role in maximising the product's lifetime and minimising its environmental impact bringing your projects full circle within the concept of circular economy.

If you want to train your employees on guide creation, best practices on how to take clear photos or write for technical purposes I can provide workshops (remote or on-site).

Want to know more?

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